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Pay per click advertising is changing exponentially. We are constantly adapting with every minute change. With over 2 billion FCFA in ad spend experience and hundreds of 5-star ratings, we know we can get results for you.

55% of total clicks go to the top 3 paid
advertising positions on any SERP

Is your business showing up there? if not how much traffic are you losing to your competitors

Our audits help identify any gaps in your digital marketing strategy so that we can help the right people contact your business

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We employ a whole funnel, diverse platform approach that employs consistent methods across the board to assist you in generating and nurturing your lead funnel all the way through their purchasing process.

To assist us in doing so, we might use the following sponsored search media platforms where our experience rests.

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We help you reach more customers on social media and on search engines like Google but which of these platforms could be right for your business goals?

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“We have worked with Digital2Moro on all of our paid advertising over the years. They are professional to work with and consistently produce high quality results.”

Paid Search Ads


Your quest for the ideal PPC digital marketing agency to assist you expand to the next level is over! We believe we can deliver you results because we have over a billion dollars in ad spend experience and hundreds of 5-star ratings as a Top Google Company.

With over 2 billion FCFA in ad spend experience and hundreds of 5-star evaluations as a top Google Company, we’re confident in our ability to boost your online marketing approach.

When it comes to online searches, “Google it” is a well-known word, but how often do you hear “Bing it”?

While Google accounts for roughly 70-80% of online searches, Bing and Yahoo account for the remaining 20-30%. If you aren’t already advertising with Microsoft Ads, you are leaving a lot of money on the table for your marketing.

Over 1 billion devices are running Windows 10, and the majority of these devices are delivering search traffic to

Reach potential customer and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube

Results are especially important to us at Digital when it comes to where we focus our efforts in Google Shopping and Feed Management. While results vary for each partner, we are proud to say that we consistently crush expectations by driving significant revenue growth at a more profitable return.


94% of users who visit your site for the first time do not complete a purchase or contact request.
This means that you’re only going to persuade roughly 6% of visitors to buy what you’re offering the first time they visit your site.

That’s a significant number of visitors you’re passing up. Fortunately, there is one thing you can do to recoup lost visitors: launch retargeting advertisements.

Paid Social Ads


Social media advertising is evolving at a breakneck pace. With each curve ball, we are always evolving. We believe we can get you results because we have over $1 billion in ad spend experience and hundreds of 5-star ratings.

We’re passionate about assisting mission-driven brands like yours in harnessing the marketing power of Facebook and Instagram.

When you work with a Top Rated marketing agency like Digital, you’re hiring a team of marketing professionals who are committed to assisting you in meeting your business and marketing goals. LinkedIn Ads should be properly scaled and provide you with direct access to sales possibilities on LinkedIn.

Snapchat Advertising is a social media network that is quickly expanding. Snapchat is used by people to communicate with friends, create relationships, play, and learn. And we’re not talking about just users: we’re talking about millennials, who account for one-fourth of the population. While there are over 229 million active Snapchat users on a daily basis, a sizable portion of the millennial population is devoted Snapchatters.

TikTok is the most popular social platform.
TikTok is currently the most downloaded app in the world and continues to dominate the digital social sphere. While Gen Z accounts for the majority of current TikTok users, the 25+ age group is rapidly expanding. This is driving many brands to the platform and gives several chances for various brands and publications.

Digital recognizes the value of Twitter advertising. Most people are aware of Twitter as a digital platform for accessing the most latest news and information from across the world.

With 328 million monthly active users, it’s clear that people are using this social platform for purposes other than checking the news.

What’s more enticing than the sheer quantity of Twitter users is the demographic of the social media giant’s following and how it compares to Facebook.

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