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is digital2Moro the right partner to manage my Twitter ads?

At Digital2Moro, we’re passionate about creating enduring connections based on the success of your most crucial marketing initiatives and business objectives. ROAS & LTV are charming, but what really affects your revenue and profitability is what matters to us more.

For a relationship to be worthwhile, both parties must put in effort. We work closely with our clients to understand the PURPOSE of their business, their aspirations, and the IMPACT this will have on their customers and business. We then translate this into a distinctive and genuine marketing plan to help us get there.

If we’re the ideal partner for your business, we’ll lead you to the gathering place of the most prominent and leaned-in individuals. You need a top-tier PPC marketing service to do the task because Twitter is one of the most active community on the internet.



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One of the driving forces behind such high returns and funnel improvements is due to the way people are engaging on Twitter. From discovery to final purchase, users are interacting with brands in a highly motivated way.

Our Twitter Advertising Methodology

Are you getting your share of the Twitter pie?

65% of social media marketers identify Twitter as the platform that yielded the highest ROI.

When we take over your Twitter advertising, we ensure certain aspects of your account are implemented to refine and grow your presence on Twitter.

We understand that accounts often change hands a few times. Because of this, we often see snags and oversights within the account that can stall your Twitter campaigns. We don’t want anything to slow you down.

We double-check that everything in the account is up to our high standards and make these tweaks that make all the difference.

We’ve simplified the Twitter advertising options into a 3 step strategy approach;

  • Promoted Tweets
    Tweets are displayed at the top. The simplest method to reach your target audience is to do it like this.
  • Promoted Accounts
    On the sidebar are the accounts. Instead of simply one Tweeted product, this disseminated a complete profile.
  • Promoted Trends
    Trends occur when your brand or message is pushed using a deliberate hashtag campaign.

reaching the appropriate audience with your message.
Did a tree make a sound as it fell in the forest if no one was there to hear it? Are your advertisements effective if the right people aren’t seeing them?

Simple no is the response. However, Twitter provides sophisticated and incredibly precise targeting options to make sure your material is seen by the correct audience at the right time.

We collaborate with you to identify your target market using a mix of demographic and behavioral traits.


Twitter by the numbers

Ready to advertise on Twitter?

Digital2Moro, an award-winning advertising firm, has a track record of success in achieving the marketing and business goals of our clients. Every company we work with is different and needs a customized strategy.

We have the resources and expertise to support you in launching the most effective Twitter advertising campaigns that are most pertinent to your business objectives thanks to our in-house creative team and seasoned social media advertising department.

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