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Digital2Moro is a Premier PPC Digital Marketing Agency with expertise in Snapchat marketing. As soon as your Snapchat marketing doesn’t yield the desired results, we streamline your advertising budget and boost conversions.

Over 100 million site visitors have been examined, over 2,500 digital marketing strategies have been reviewed, and millions of analytic data points have been tracked. We’d be happy to work with you to implement a multi-channel digital marketing funnel and go over a long-term plan.

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The most downloaded app in the world right now, TikTok, continues to rule the online social sphere. While the majority of current TikTok users are in the Gen Z generation, the 25+ age group is steadily expanding. This is encouraging a lot of companies to use the platform and offers several chances for both publishers and brands.

  • Take advantage of Gen Z and a growing number of Millennials
  • publicize your brand
  • Develop creative tactics
  • Keep abreast of the times.
  • Expand your company

According to estimates, millennials have
annual purchasing power of $600 billion.

People look up to the influencers of the millenial age for the newest trends in technology, entertainment, music, and fashion.

Our Snapchat Advertising Methodology

Did you realize that a different set of findings could be obtained by utilizing the incorrect methodology?

We leverage Snapchat’s Ads Manager to promote your company, increase interest in your goods or services, and increase conversions.

We will first determine who your target market is.

If you’re unsure whether or not this would be a good channel for you to market on at first look, know that as your digital marketing partner, we’ll provide you with the facts you need to make an informed choice. Therefore, before dismissing Snapchat, we advise conducting a few tests to determine whether your target market makes use of it. This is something we can assist you with. To determine if your target market uses Snapchat, we like to make advantage of already existing resources. We accomplish this by combining a few different techniques

Then, we hone the targeting for your Snapchat ads.

With the use of Snapchat audience targeting, we can match you with individuals that fit your desired demographic, online and offline interests, and habits.

Through the use of custom lookalike audiences and other methods, we’ll keep improving your targeting and optimizing the campaigns we create for you.

  •  Match Snap Audience
    Here, you can upload a list of email addresses or device IDs for us to utilize in finding Snapchat users for you.
  • Similar audiences
    By locating Snapchat users that are comparable to your current consumer base, we can increase your reach.
  • Retained Clientele
    To improve account productivity, we’ll locate and use audience templates right away.
  • unauthorized custom audiences
    Reach a subset of Snapchat users who are highly targeted based on their prior viewing or purchasing habits.
  • Custom Pixel Audiences
    Utilize a flexible lookback window to target a group of highly engaged Snapchatters who have interacted with your brand.
  • Ad Engagement Audiences
    Retarget Snapchat users who have previously interacted with your adverts.

Finally, we quantify and evaluate the outcomes.

We help you with conversion tracking using the Snap Pixel to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns across devices. We use this to make it easier for you to determine how many Snapchatters visit your website after seeing your advertising.

Through bespoke, lookalike audiences, and other methods, we’ll keep improving your targeting and making the ads we create for you as effective as possible.

We are interested in assessing outcomes that are genuinely important to your company. You’ll have streamlined access for rapid reporting checks thanks to customized reporting with saved and shared views.

In accordance with your business goals and marketing objectives, we’ll work with you to determine which performance measures are most crucial to monitor.

snapchat by the numbers

200 Million+

Over 200 million daily active Snapchat users

$1 Trillion

Direct spending power of Millennials and Gen Z

Snapchat users are a valued, distinct audience that can't be similarly reached anywhere else.

As a Premier PPC Marketing Partner, we can quickly determine whether Snapchat is a good fit for the products or services your company provides, enabling you to benefit from the many advantages of using the Snapchat marketing platform for your advertising.

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