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At Digital2Moro, we’re passionate about creating enduring connections based on the success of your most crucial marketing initiatives and business objectives. ROAS & LTV are charming, but what really affects your revenue and profitability is what matters to us more.

For a relationship to be worthwhile, both parties must put in effort. We work closely with our clients to understand the PURPOSE of their business, their aspirations, and the IMPACT this will have on their customers and business. We then translate this into a distinctive and genuine marketing plan to help us get there.

We should talk if you’re seeking for a marketing partner who can combine several social media networks into a seamless complete funnel digital marketing campaign.

TikTok is the hottest
social media platform

The most downloaded app in the world right now, TikTok, continues to rule the online social sphere. While the majority of current TikTok users are in the Gen Z generation, the 25+ age group is steadily expanding. This is encouraging a lot of companies to use the platform and offers several chances for both publishers and brands.

  • Take advantage of Gen Z and a growing number of Millennials
  • publicize your brand
  • Develop creative tactics
  • Keep abreast of the times.
  • Expand your company

Our TikTok Advertising Methodology

By developing a strong TikTok marketing plan that accurately represents your company to the platform’s highly engaged user community, we want to showcase what makes your brand exciting and distinctive. Only active users will recognize the subtle differences between TikTok and other social platforms. We’ll quickly get you up to speed and help you grasp why the techniques are set up the way they are.

We concentrate on campaigns that capitalize on TikTok’s sense of humor in order to broaden the audience for your business and build viral campaigns by utilizing TikTok’s paid advertising platform’s numerous ad capabilities, including hashtag challenges, brand takeovers, in-feed native video, and more.

Study the many TikTok Advertising alternatives to determine which is best for your brand.

You can let your brand’s creative side out with TikTok Ads. Use fascinating ad formats and one-of-a-kind interaction strategies to develop entertaining platform-native ad creatives. We are skilled at effectively showcasing your brand in the captivating and imaginative manner that is distinctive to TikTok.

On the TikTok Ads platform, we rigorously A/B test a variety of creatives to improve messaging and targeting. This step in our procedure requires a thorough understanding of the four categories of TikTok ads.

  • Native Video Ads
    In-feed Native The length of the video adverts on TikTok must be between 9 and 15 seconds. These are often the simplest types of TikTok advertisements. These advertisements can be navigated past or skipped when they show in the TikTok feed in between user videos. The various call-to-actions supported by these adverts include clicks and app downloads.

  • Brand Takeover
    Brand Takeover ads can take the form of still photos, animated GIFs, or videos, all of which can be linked to the brand’s home page or an app-based hashtag challenge. On TikTok, just one brand can now be featured each day in a “brand takeover.” Before any user-generated material emerges, a user will first view these advertising in their feed.


  • HashTag Challenge
    On TikTok, challenges are prevalent. A hashtag challenge is a terrific method to interact with your clients and followers. To direct visitors to a specific challenge that your team generates, your company can utilize a Hashtag Challenge advertisement to make a distinctive banner on the TikTok Discover page. This website will serve as the home for the challenge’s instructions and any previously made footage of the challenge in action.



  • Branded Lenses
    Numerous filters are accessible to TikTok users when they are making videos. With TikTok’s Branded Lenses advertising option, brands and products may be promoted through custom filters, much like Snapchat’s branded lenses do. These lenses inspire users to produce content with your business at the forefront for up to 10 days at a time.


We scale and build on that success once we’ve determined which TikTok ads are most effective in generating sales and conversions. Other marketing firms use their intuition to pick which advertisements to run, but you’re not paying clairvoyants to manage the campaign. We rely on data to inform the choices we make about your account and the tactics we employ.

Tiktok by the numbers

1.5 Billion+

Tiktok installs worldwide

328.9 Million+

Monthly active TikTok users Globally

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