Digital 2Moro is your partner in building a wordpress development career
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We know you want to become a high in-demand web developer

By the end of the training you will be able to design; E-commerce, corporate, LMS, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, hospital management, hotel and flight booking websitess


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Some years ago, it was believed that to become a web developer, one needed to be exceptionally smart and be of computer science background. We however demystify this belief by clearly demonstrating that we all have similar brain capacity to learn and become anything we desire

E-commerce Websites

Design shops online where people can easily buy and sell products 

LMS websites

Build an online school where people can sell their online courses

Real Estate Websites

Build a platform where people can list or rent houses, offices and halls

Affiliate marketing

Design a website where people can advertise products and get commission 

corporate websites

Build websites for companies to engage their customers and serve them better

Hotel Booking websites

build a website like booking.com where travelers can easily reserve and pay for hotels

You not only learn wordpress, you unlock your digital entrepreneurial skills

We at Digital 2Moro, know that you want to be great and make a legacy but this is not going to happen by osmosis. Lets walk you through the process

You will learn the basics of wordpress and how to navigate the dashboard, install themes, install plugins and design web pages

You will then have to understand user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design

Next, you will have to learn online business skills, marketing, website psychology and copywriting 

By the end of the training, you should be able to run your own profitable IT company

You will also be provided with 50 business models to help setup your IT company

If you aren’t learning web development then you may be missing out on the global $2 trillion IT industry. You will however need an experienced web development agency to take you by the hand. We are the perfect fit for you

Let's do this

We run a quick audit of your computer and business skills and be honest with you if we can’t make it a win-win

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